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Tuesday at 10:30am, children from 3 to 7 months
Thursday at 10:30am, children from 8 to 12 months.

Through our programs, your child will be able to learn independence and autonomy, increase their awareness and self-esteem, and allow for parents to meet other parents to connect with. Each activity is a unique experience for each child and we implore parents to get to know what each program has to offer in order to maximize the benefits available. By building a strong foundation for our children during these early, formative years, we are providing children with the tools they need in order to succeed both academically and developmentally.

We are currently offering three programs:
Let’s Get Messy: Sensory Development
Moving Right Along: Gross Motor Skills in Action
Tea Time: Language and Social Development

Each class will include all three programs and will last one hour in total

1.-Let’s Get Messy: Sensory Development
Classical Music (3-7 Mos.)
Infants at this age prefer the melodious sounds of classical music: strumming of a guitar or harp, the piano, and continuous beats. It is not until six to seven months that an infant begins to enjoy the rhythmic sounds of a more vibrant beat.
Warm-up with Patterns: In order to increase the visual perception of the developing visual cortex, we will be exploring with various type patterns. At this age the vision of the baby is beginning to strengthen and she’s starting to understand patterns of black and white and red. 12-18 inches is the average an infant at this age can see.

Textures: allow baby to rest on her tummy while placing various type textures around her to stimulate the movement of her head and placement of her arms in order to get to the various objects or toys around her.

Playing with Goop: after having your baby experiment with solid textures, we are going to allow the babies to play with other type textures; such as water and sand.

2.-Moving Right Along: Gross Motor Skills in Action
(3-7 Mos.)
Baby Yoga: While your baby may not be able to get into an adult pose, parents are encouraged to help their little ones get into more age appropriate poses to help not only strengthen their gross motor skills, but also promote overall good health. It is good practice to not only help your child explore various yoga poses, but encourage yoga by modeling it for them.

Baby Arch: allow your baby to lay flat on her back and gently arch her back with one of your hands while holding her feet flat against the mat. Be sure that your baby’s shoulders are resting comfortably on the mat and in order to better engage your baby, you could sing to her. This pose promotes circulation in baby’s little body.

Mommy and Baby Tummy Time: while mom is lying on her back, raise your knees to your chest, with feet and knees together, and allow your baby to rest on her belly, on the shins of your legs. This position allows for mommy to gaze at her baby while the baby gets the “tummy time” needed to develop neck muscles, with something more stimulating than the floor to maintain her focus and attention.

Knees to Chest: relieves gassy babies. Lay your baby on her back; bend her knees gently toward her stomach. Release her legs so that they are lying flat on the floor. Once baby is in position, rotate her knees in small circles to release any pressure that may be in baby’s belly. Once the pose has been repeated 3-5 times taking a few breaths in between poses, take turns alternating her legs down and then back to her chest—making a bicycling motion.

Mommy-Baby Squats: stand with your feet at hip’s distance apart. Turn your feet out to a 45 degrees and hold your baby at your belly. Place one hand on baby’s bottom and the other supporting her neck and head. Allow baby’s feet to press into your belly like a frog. While holding baby securely, drop down into a squat while maintaining the baby’s position and exhale vigorously with a whhooo sound, then come back to standing position with a calming inhale. This pose will stimulate a newborn’s calming reflex and soothe them when they’re fussy.

Each pose should be repeated 3-5 times and poses will change with the growth of the class.

3.-Tea Time: Language and Social Skills Development
Infant massage(3-7 Mos.)
Proven to promote better sleep
Reduces colic
Facilitates body awareness
Strengthens bond between baby and mommy
Sensory stimulation
Improved blood circulation
Aids in digestion
Stimulates production of oxytocin (Oxytocin is a hormone which can be produced by both male and female persons during massage. It is useful as a pain reliever and has a calming effect on the child.)
Balances respiration

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