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This Mommy Mastermind Society is for Women who manage The HOUSE, THE KIDS, THE BUSINESS or A CAREER, & THE PARTNER and find it difficult or almost impossible to fit YOURSELF in the equation of your busy life! Well This is THE space to build yourself up!
Some Questions to ask your self before joining:
1) Are you looking for a group of women who can relate and understand your struggles?
2) Are you looking for a place you can bring the kids with you and have them in the next room being watched and cared for by trusted, Compassionate Caretakers with many years of experience?
3) Are you looking to spend 2-3 hrs every other week connecting with your thoughts and emotions about your life?
4) Are you looking to not have to worry about figuring out dinner for 1 night every other week?
5) Are you looking to connect and offer tools and tips to other women who maybe struggling with something you have overcome or do you need some real life tips and tools?
6) Are you looking to connect with A Labor & Delivery Nurse and Life Coach who has worked with many women as they transition into one of the BIGGEST Roles of their lives, who has also coached women through relationship struggles, traumatic life events, feelings of isolation, unworthiness, imposter syndrome, low self esteem and many more issues we shoulder as women?
7) Are you looking to connect with amazing guest speakers who can help you figure out how to make your life the best experience EVER?

If you answered YES to any of these questions than this is the place for you!
In this Society of Amazing women we seek the following
- To have Real, in person conversations that are respectful, open, honest, heart centered, and nurturing
- To create an environment that is supportive, holistic, inclusive, and welcoming
- To Bring the best out of each member so they can pour the best into themselves and their spheres of influence
- To create a positive and encouraging environment were self-growth and connection are paramount.
- To foster Inner Strength and Peace in Each member

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