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Attention Moms! Whether your kids are in school, or you're an empty nester there are times when it seems we are always tending to other people's needs!

When was the last time you carved out some time JUST for YOU? As moms, we are so busy running around doing for, and taking care of people, it’s hard to find even just a few minutes to rejuvenate and replenish ourselves. Often we feel it’s selfish to take time away from our family and all of their needs just to focus on ourselves.

The reality is that I’ve learned that not only is it NOT selfish, it’s absolutely mandatory to take the time to fill up so that we can be more present to our families! When we’re happier and more fulfilled, we can be better moms and wives and be there for the people who need us.

Whether you’re a mom with young kids, or a mom on your way to an empty nest (or beyond), in these FREE workshops, you’ll learn how to:

1) Understand the impact your well-being has on your entire family
2) Prioritize yourself
3) Create a vision for your ideal life

What are you waiting for? It’s time to reconnect and reclaim the woman you were before you became a wife, mother, friend, coworker and any other role you’ve taken on over the years.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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MOMS: Find Time for YOU

Newport Beach Public Library Foundation

This 90 minute workshop will give you 3 keys to begin to reclaim and rejuvenate yourself. You will learn how to: Understand the impact that your well-being has on your entire family; prioritize yourself and create a vision for your ideal life. We will start with introductions of the guests, one of their biggest challenges and what they hope to takeaway from the event. You'll learn more about the host and her background struggling with this issue before she leads you through 3 exercises designed to start you thinking about how you can carve out more time for yourself and lay the groundwork to create a life you love. I know things can change - if you are unable to attend, please notify me via email. The meeting is in the Charles Sword meeting room at the Newport Beach Public Library. Coffee and refreshments will be served. This is your time! Please make other arrangements for your children to make it an enjoyable, distraction free environment for everyone.

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MOMS: Find Time for YOU

18302 Irvine Blvd

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