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Attention Moms! Whether your kids are in school, or you're an empty nester there are times when it seems we are always tending to other people's needs!

When was the last time you carved out some time JUST for YOU? As moms, we are so busy running around doing for, and taking care of people, it’s hard to find even just a few minutes to rejuvenate and replenish ourselves. Often we feel it’s selfish to take time away from our family and all of their needs just to focus on ourselves.

The reality is that I’ve learned that not only is it NOT selfish, it’s absolutely mandatory to take the time to fill up so that we can be more present to our families! When we’re happier and more fulfilled, we can be better moms and wives and be there for the people who need us.

Whether you’re a mom with young kids, or a mom on your way to an empty nest (or beyond), in these FREE workshops, you’ll learn how to:

1) Understand the impact your well-being has on your entire family
2) Prioritize yourself
3) Create a vision for your ideal life

What are you waiting for? It’s time to reconnect and reclaim the woman you were before you became a wife, mother, friend, coworker and any other role you’ve taken on over the years.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Life Beyond Mom....What's Next?

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To save your spot, please register here: https://magenta.mykajabi.com/life-beyond-mom-whats-next _____________________________________________________________________ Life Beyond Mom… What’s Next? 3 Keys to Find Meaning in Your Next Chapter For some, the idea of discovering who you are outside of being a mom, is exhilarating. For others, it’s downright terrifying. And still for others, it can be a mixture of both. You have a choice. You can choose to do nothing, and let life happen to you, never truly getting clear on what you want out of life... OR you can choose to live a life of intention, where you’re in charge of creating more of those things that matter to YOU. You can find Joy. Passion. Purpose. Love. Meaning. Come explore what that looks like for you. Join me for Life Beyond Mom… What’s Next? 3 Keys to Find Meaning in Your Next Chapter January 26, 27, & 28th from 1-2pm Pacific. Over 3 sessions you will... ----->>Clarify your vision and goals so that you can begin to design your Life Roadmap ----->>Set the standards of what living with intention means for you so that you can feel joyful, fulfilled and on purpose each and every day. ----->>Create momentum in having more of what you want in your life so that you can stop putting yourself at the bottom of the list (or on the list at all) To register for this free event, simply visit: https://magenta.mykajabi.com/life-beyond-mom-whats-next and we will email you details! You can make 2021 your most meaningful year yet! Take the first step today and register now - https://magenta.mykajabi.com/life-beyond-mom-whats-next

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Imagine Your Life Beyond Mom

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