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Mini Dance is a program where Moms, Dads and Toddlers, can get together and Dance.
With Mommy's and Daddy's help, the little kids will be able to learn dancing moves, coordination, balance, Rhythms and maintain their fabulous flexibility.

This 30 minutes class is dedicated to: 1) Moms and Dads that want to dance and have fun with their little ones.

2) Moms and Dads that want their toddlers to develop all the great benefits of dance in their little ones, including: flexibility, strength, rhythm, attention, coordination and more! 3) Moms and Dads that want their kids to meet with other little ones in an harmonious, fun and entertainment environment.

4) Moms and Dads that want their toddlers to start creating a routine and help them adjust to the preschool process.

Join this amazing group for moms, dads and toddlers and let's start the fun!

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