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My 2.5 year old son and I would like to invite you for some English Breakfast Tea and Coffee.

Its great to have a little girl chat time over tea and coffee while the kids play.

Lets try to have a bit of fun with it. I'll take out the proper British tea cups, dessert plates and girly table cloth. Your invited to bring your favourite dessert.

My living room and balcony are quite huge, childproofed and with enough toys to keep a kindergarden worth of kids entertained. There is even a slide and a playhouse. For the boys there is a huge Thomas trains set and tons of wow cars. For the girls there is a whole Peppa Pig Neighbourhood and a play house with their own coffee machine. They can have their own pretend tea time.


Its right underneath the hill going up to the castle, across the street from the Torre Restaurant.

From Baden HB

Walk into the station go underground.

Take a right into the old city.

Walk out straight. You will see a Body Bath store on your right.

Take a right down the main shopping street until you see Manor and big clock tower.

Walk right down the shopping tunnel in front of manor.

You will see stairs and a ramp under a busy road on your left and a Raiffaisen Bank.

Walk threw the tunnel cross the street on your right. Second door. Second floor.

There is a huge lift to take you up to the second flour. You can leave your buggies outside my door in the whole way.

If you get lost call my cell [masked]