What we're about

Ever feel like you're constantly looking for your keys while trying to maintain the appearance of a functioning adult? Do you wonder how other moms have time to organize lovely birthday parties and playdates when you still have a hard time getting to work and school on time? If you found yourself saying yes to either of these questions, this group is for you! Moms with ADDitude is for moms of any race, religion, orientation or family status who have ADD/ADHD or any form of "this-parenting/adulting/humaning-thing-is-hard."

Come join a group of fun, non-judgmental moms who just "get it." We'll have events for kids+moms, moms-only events, book clubs (don't worry, they'll all be available in audio book form), and more! The goal is to celebrate our strengths and create a community for ourselves and kids!

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