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Monday Meals with Friends - Thanks So Much!

Many thanks to all who expressed an interest in Monday Meals with Friends. I'm limiting the group to 50 members, all of whom were added in the chronological order in which they applied. To those who did not presently get in, please check back occasionally - membership will change as those who express their lack of interest by not attending a dinner at least once in eight weeks will be deleted. This group is about friendship more than food and drink, and the membership will surely ebb and flow over time as new friendships are formed and others not realized. It's simply the nature of human connection, hits and misses and no one's at fault, so please do check this site in the future. So very many lovely people were simply over the numerical limit. I hope you all stop by again and we get to meet at a later date.

Best wishes, and thank you again for your interest.


You've had a great - or maybe not so great - weekend, and now a long week stretches ahead. Why not ease into that long week with a nice, relaxing meal at a warm and inviting restaurant, surrounded by friends, laughter, and good conversation?

This group is for those 40 and over seeking good company, good food, and a good evening out, on the otherwise most neglected night of that week. Our venues will be primarily in mid to eastern Nassau and western Suffolk, an area dense with charming, welcoming, and unique restaurants, pubs, and cafes. New locations and suggestions will always be welcome.

A little food to nourish the body, a little conversation to warm the heart, a little companionship to soothe the soul. Good food and good friends - what better way to start the week?

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This was always a favorite until they kind of loused it up one time. But, considering how many times we've been there and I've been there without the group, that's not a bad ratio. Pretty environment too, warm and inviting in a cold January night. Let's go.


Bacaro Italian Tavern

Bacaros is an Italian restaurant with very good food, and a pretty place to spend a few hours with friends. It’s a little on the pricey side but what the heck, you only live once, and in the words of the immortal May West, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” I mean really - is that 10 years of psychotherapy condensed into one sentence, or what? See you there.

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Corner Galley

Corner Galley Restaurant

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