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Join us on a journey exploring the meaning of each Tarot card. We will discuss the planets, zodiac signs, alchemical processes, mystical kabbalah, magic, the chakras, psychology, and spirituality in association with the tarot. This knowledge is tremendously useful for anyone interested in astrology or tarot readings, however the emphasis of this group is on the use of Tarot as a tool for meditation and spiritual growth.

Twiggs Coffee House, The Green Room

4590 Park Blvd · San Diego, CA

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Far more than a fortune-telling device, the Tarot is a comprehensive pictorial textbook of human consciousness from the perspective of Western esoteric philosophy. Used properly, the archetypal images can illuminate the mind, inspire wisdom and evoke the development of higher states of consciousness. In this group we will explore and investigate the principles of the Qabala tradition in light of its connection to the esoteric principles of Tarot. We make use of the symbolism of the qabalistic Tree of Life, the major arcana of Tarot, the art of Gematria and other tools propagated by the schools of the Western Mysteries, particularly those taught by Paul Foster Case and Anne Davies.

In the past we've done a series that focussed on individual Tarot cards, one that covered the Qabalistic Tree of Life and one that focussed on the relationship between Tarot and Astrology. In 2016, we'll be returning to our roots and analyzing individual Tarot cards of the major arcana from an esoteric Cabalistic perspective.

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