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Welcome to the Money Creator's Meetup - we are a group of empowered individuals that consider the "Law of ACTION" the cause and the "Law of Attraction" the effect of taking bold action. We are focused on creating predictable and sustainable wealth and true self reliance.

"Money follows boldness!"
~Colleen Laukka

We formed the Money Creator's Meetup as a platform to bring in truly transformational presentors that deliver powerful Mind Shifts and distinctions that have the power to transform who you are "Being" with money, your career or business. We go beyond tips, tricks and "how to's" that adjust what you are "doing." It’s like Steve Chandler says “working only at the level of "doing" is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.”

If you are ready to turn up the courage and take bold action to create a life you love... Join us!

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