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Looking to tap into the resources, strategies and mindset used by the rich to stay ahead in the game of money? Does it seem like wealthy people play by a different set of rules? Or could it be that they are playing a different game entirely? If money is such a powerful symbol of freedom, then why do so few of us achieve that freedom? Why do so many of us feel that we are slaves to money?

This group is all about taking back control of your financial destiny by putting the power back into your hands. Traditional education has been sorely lacking when it comes to personal financial literacy, and most of our information comes from a well-funded financial industry that promulgates the view that we are passive consumers, and that the complexity of the financial system should be left in the hands of the "experts". We question these assumptions and pierce the veil of legitimacy to reveal a very different world, where money works for you, not the other way around.

Join us for a meeting of minds, a lively out-of-the-box discussion, and an opportunity to expand our understanding and awareness of the true power of money as a positive force in our lives.

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