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FREE Education from the Pros. Real Estate Investing, Lending, Find Money for Flips, Follow our Buyers through on actual deals happening, Learn How to do what the pros do, Learn from people who have flipped many homes. Network and Do Real Deals.

This meetup will be like none you have attended so far. You will learn multifaceted-strategies from a dedicated team who is passionate about your success in real estate. We take you to the depths of renovation, for flips and buy and holds. This includes site visits to see the homes and advanced strategies in action. Learn how it is really done.

The question you must first ask yourself is, “Can I make it in real estate?” If the answer is, “YES,” Then you MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK! This includes online research, going to REIAs, networking with new and seasoned investors and acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. And most importantly you must understand the financial workings and risks. Doing this will help you avoid saying,” If only I would have known." To get started check out this article. Read what the Guru's don't want you to know and how you will lose 10’s of Thousands investing in Books and tapes and “Education”.


In 30 years of real estate experience, I have found…...

1. The actual amount of people who make it in the business is around 3% after spending thousands of dollars in education. This is a 97% failure rate.

2. The average person if they are motivated, will make little to no money in the first 6 months to a 1 year.

3. Only 1 to 3 out of 100 investors will make it wholesaling, if they survive and are educated properly

4. If trained properly to buy at the right price and with the right deal, 20% to 30%+ will make money in the first 6 months to a year.

This business is hard, but if you have a team of people around you that you can trust, then your odds of success will be improved greatly!

The goal of this Meetup is to show you how to make money. We will walk you through the deals that are in our system from beginning to end. That's right! You're not searching for deals, we're giving them to you! We'll support you through the whole process:

1. Completing the wholesale purchase

2. Finding money

3. Getting title insurance

4. Securing a contractor

5. Choosing the proper home insurance

6. Getting a good Broker

7. And more!

I am from the old school of real estate and The way we make money is by actually doing deals...Finding homes, renovating homes, Flipping homes or buying to hold homes. We will discuss the real truths about real estate investing and what it takes to make it.

The goal here is to synergies as a whole. I am a firm believer when the team that you work with puts their time, skills, talents and money to work for you and with you, then you have found the right team. Success will come for all so come out and join us for good old fashioned real estate education were the rubber meets the road.

See you at our next meetup!

Craig Brooksby

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The Estates National Call System Introduction

Online Meetup Call in Number 404-801-3225 access code: 899-068-610

Are you new to real estate investing or thinking about it? Don’t spend a dime on education until you talk with us. We offer FREE education, training and mentorship with an experienced team headed by Craig Brooksby.* He is looking to share with you his 34+ years of experience. We invite you to call in to our introductory meetup on Monday night with trainer David Ginn. Get an overview of how to do real estate investing through self-directed IRA and solo 401k investing. Take a look at the site and the team that brings you properties to invest in and purchase wholesale with your IRA and 401k. 9 PM EST/8 PM CST *The company's founder and CEO; had a net worth in 2007 around $30,000,000 (Ultra High Net Worth Individual). Over 34 years in real estate, IRA, and 401K investing.

Women DOING Real estate Online Calls

Needs a location

The is a women's real estate meetup like you have never been to before. Learn from the women pros who have done multiple renovations, negotiated sub to deals, worked probate, lend money, probate deals and estate deals and much more. If you truly want to learn from the best. This is a meetup you will not want to miss. The meetup call in number will be Skyped into the Women DOING real estate chat. You must be a member to get on this call. If you are new to real estate, Please attend one of your system introduction physical meetups or our Monday night online call at 9:00PM EST.

National Comp Call

Online Meetup Call in Number 404-801-3225 access code: 899-068-610

Tuesdays except the first Tuesday of the month. We walk you through the important skill and art of comping properties. Learn more about the system that can help you become a successful Real Estate Investor.

National Call Intermediate and Avanced for Estate Members Only

Online Meet up call for Members only Estates Tracking

Come and learn how to do Real Estate Investing through Self Directed IRA and Solo 401k Investing. Also take a look at the site and the team that brings you properties to invest in and purchase wholesale with your IRA and 401k. EstatesTracking.

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