What we're about

Have you ever asked any of these questions:

- What is financial management?
- What's the best way to save?
- How come I don't have enough money each month?
- Do I have enough to buy an apartment? a car? go on a dream holiday? or even to retire on?

What about these questions:

- What is Block chain?
- What is cryptocurrency?

This meetup is for women who want to be educated on managing money: their money and their family's money. Managing money involves knowing simple things like budgeting and the proper use of credit cards to the more complicated topics of investments including hot button trends like Block chain and cryptocurrency. According to a Standard and Poor's Global Financial Survey conducted in 140 countries involving 150,000 respondents, only 52% of women were financially literate compared to 67% of women. This was despite women making up majority of university graduates. Understanding how to save, prioritising expenditures, while still enjoying life should be a skill that all women should know. "Credit card debt is one of the fastest growing category of consumer debt", according to Value Penguin citing data from the Department of Statistics Singapore. "The mean credit card debt per Singaporean households is approximately S$1,926. Average car loan per capita was about S$1,725 as of 31 Dec 2016. The average debt of a Singaporean household was about S$55,112 per capita as of 31 Dec 2016, up roughly 3% from its level in 2015"

While learning about money, investing, and finance in general can be intimidating, this meetup will try to make it easier for women to learn about these topics by providing a venue where they can meet, ask questions, learn from each other, and learn from experts. Any activities that will be featured is not for profit.

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