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Joining the ‘real world’ is a weird thing. Most of us were taught that our lives would be "set" if we went to school, and then got a good job... but we were never taught how to handle our money. Think about this... how different would your life be if you had learned about spending habits, budgeting , managing credit, investing or minimizing taxes back in school? How much further ahead would you be!

The fact is, it's NOT YOUR FAULT.

It's simply because the current processes and tools that you've been given on how to manage your money simply don't work.

The MoneySkills Meetup is for people looking to learn how to get a handle their finances by using the soon-to-be-released Spender Personal Finance application in order to become more confident in their financial knowledge, and understand the paths they can take to change their financial futures for the better.


• How to create a Spend Plan that ACTUALLY WORKS

• How to GUARANTEE that you reach a financial goal

• How to DESTROY credit debt

• How to Invest WISELY

Spender is a homegrown Toronto-based fintech startup that uses patent-pending Artificial Intelligence to auto-magically track and predict your spending, savings, bills & debt right from your mobile device. We're launching on November 1st!

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