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CUPIDS' CRUSHED HEART @Baltimore Dungeon - A Monique de Quebec Event
Date HAS been confirmed with Dungeon space :) THIS IS A TRADE EVENT. If you come as a PHOTOGRAPHER, you are expected to provide photographs to the models!!!! If you come as a model, you WILL get photographs. Every photographer may not shoot you but you will get pictures. --------- There will be TWO SPECIAL FEATURED EVENTS: 1PM DEMO BY MONIQUE - TOPIC TO BE DETERMINED 3PM GROUP PHOTOSHOOT - WINGED BEASTS AND BEAUTIES There will be other SPECIAL PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES throughout the event with the VALENTINES' THEME in mind! Wax play, Rope play, FAKE BLOOD play, WINGS for Valentines day, FOG MACHINE APPROVED! --------- If you want Model Releases signed - please bring your own. I will have a sign in sheet for email addresses to get pics to models - I ask that EVERYONE sign in at the door! VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOT ARE AVAILABLE. ONCE WE ARE FULL – NO MORE SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE. SORRY BUT WE CAN NOT BE TOO FULL SO THAT WE CAN KEEP THE INTEGRITY OF THE SPACE FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHERS AND KEEP PEOPLE OUT OF THE BACKGROUND OF PICTURES! 12,000 SF of fully decked out DUNGEON space including: St. Andrews Crosses, COFFIN, spanking benches, cages, medical tables, medical chair, giant swinging table, bed, shoe shine chair, giant “spider” web”, giant racks to tie up to, AND MUCH, MUCH MORE……. just about everything you can imagine. SOME lighting – all the electric plugs you need – BRING YOUR LIGHTING. YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN ROPES, TIES, PADDLES, WHIPS, ETC I will bring MY paddles, ropes, etc and will share them but if you have any, please bring them. …… all tables and equipment and cleanup materials are available for you. Please keep ALL SHOOTING AREAS CLEAN WHEN YOU ARE NOT SHOOTING IN THEM. Return all gear, costumes, whips and paddles to front of Dungeon so items are not in the way of others. Street clothes until you are past the front desk. No smoking IN the dungeon. NO drugs. NO alcohol. THIS IS A PHOTOGRAPHY EVENT. ALL PHOTOGRAPHY WILL BE CONSENSUAL. DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU ARE NOT OK WITH PHOTOGRAPHY. PLEASE HELP CLEANUP AND PUT EVERYTHING BACK WHEN YOU ARE READY TO LEAVE. We would really appreciate that. Leave the place clean as a courtesy. If you make a mess – clean up after yourself! Easy, safe, free on site parking

Baltimore Playhouse

3010 Washington Blvd, Baltimore · Baltimore, MD

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What we're about

If you're intrigued, want to shoot it, want to help your models, want to understand it, want to know SOME of the who, what, where, and why......

I'll introduce you into MY fetish world - the REAL world of Fetish.

I have been involved with Fetish for almost 15 years (mostly as a Domme or Dominatrix) and modeling just as long.

I PROMISE there is SOMETHING for YOU to learn. No matter which side of the camera YOU are on - Photographer OR Model...and whether you are a professional or amateur fetishist, you can always learn and grow. And yes - this even goes for me.

The truest saying is that YOU ONLY STOP LEARNING WHEN YOU DIE. Never be too proud to learn something new every day. Always be humble and listen and LEARN!

We will host Photoshoots at local dungeons (Baltimore and possibly Washington, DC), host Meetups to learn about Fetish for Photographers and Fetish for Models, and so many other topics!

This is the group to be comfortable and let your hair down - and have it pulled a little. Always have your "safe word" handy and play nice with each other or I WILL take a whip to you before showing you the door!

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