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This group is meant for people who are in a mono-parental situation, which means: you have children and you no longer (or never had) live with the other parent of your children, whatever age are your children.

Why this group: because in the advertisements we see "happy families" with children and their parents happy together ever-after. This is the image we have, the mainstream.

I am not talking about numbers, I am talking about what the imaginary often is, for us and for our children. Once my child was complaining about how terrible it was to be the child of divorced parents, and she wanted to change family. Remembering I also wanted to change family, despite the fact that my parents were together no-matter-what, I went to her through a long list of families to choose to which one she would have preferred. Going through the list, we arrived to the conclusion that we, after all, were not so bad off.

This comparison was important to put things in prospective. We are not better or worst then others, we are just as we are.

To be able to chat, discuss, re-align, vent out about adolescence or difficult daily challenges help us to be stronger in a society still imagined for "parents-together" families.

IMPORTANT: this is NOT a dating group. If you want to date someone, there are plenty of other interesting groups. Please go there.

Last but not least: this group is still new in Belgium. I have decided to start it, following the footstep of a very successful group in Italy. And we need more energy, more events, more willingness to make it really happen. If you have something you'd like to suggest, please contact me. I would be more than happy to integrate new events, ideas, propositions.

Here the presentation from the group in Italy. This is my reference at the moment, and I am looking forward to seeing in what direction this group would go in Belgium. If you want to give your contribution, do not hesitate to write to me a private message!

Why GenGle? Because we are not alone! This video will give you have a better idea about how this already works in Italy. I hope we'll get there soon! We are waiting for the translation of the portal in English... :-)


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