Canceled Meetup

Missoula: Getting Started with Drupal Part 4 – Rich content with CCK


Due to low RSVPs and unavoidable commitments, we are going to reschedule this meetup, probably for our normal class day in July, possibly sooner. Revised announcement will be going out soon. Sorry for the late notice! – Andy

On Thursday June 17th we continue our monthly 'Getting Started with Drupal Series'. This month we'll branch out from Drupal core and cover the first of the 'must-have' add-in modules, the Content Construction Kit (CCK) (

CCK makes it easy to add all kinds of custom data fields to your site's content. Using CCK you can add images, video, audio, attached files, links, maps, and much more to your content.

CCK is a must-have for nearly any Drupal site — if you are serious about building a site with Drupal you do not want to miss this class!

What we'll cover in this meetup

Getting CCK and installing it on your site
Adding basic text fields to your content
Adding image, audio and video fields to your content
Controlling how fields are displayed/formatted on your pages

This is a hands-on class, so bring your laptop and follow along! (You can still benefit even without one, though.)

Don't worry if you don't have Drupal installed, we have test installations for you to use, or you can sign up for a free account at http://www.webenabled... ( and quickly deploy a new Drupal site.

If you have any specific beginner questions you'd like to have addressed, please add them to the comments for this event and we'll try to work them in.

If you know anyone who'd like to get started with Drupal, please send them the link to this page!

Recommended reading
To best prepare for the Getting Started series, we recommend the book Using Drupal ( published by O'Reilly. If you are at all serious about learning Drupal, please just go ahead and purchase this excellent book. Monte, Art, and AJ are just three of our group members who are happy they did! Well-written and aimed at the Drupal beginner, it takes you though the sometimes-daunting Drupal jargon and concepts with ease, and gets you comfortable with managing content and building sites step-by-step. (Although highly recommended, the reading is not required to attend the session – everyone is welcome!)

About the Getting Started Series
Each month an experienced Drupaler will present a lesson suitable for Drupal beginners. We'll structure the series so each month builds on the next – if you attend each monthly Getting Started series, your Drupal skills will grow naturally and within a few months you'll be competently managing your site and your content, and on your way to adding new site sections and features.