Past Meetup

Code Craftsmanship with Woody Zuill: Let's Practice! (Missoula)

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This evening we'll enjoy beverages (including beer), pizza, and code practice with Woody Zuill with the aim of getting better at as professional coders, to practice creating well crafted code.

Woody Zuill is an innovative, entertaining, and at times controversial figure in the world of agile software development. In the distant past, he's been a banjo player and a sign maker, but the last 30 plus years he's been programming, managing programming teams, consulting, and training teams and organizations. And especially the last 10 years he's been challenging many assumptions about how to be better programmers. And he's been successful with approaches that focus on improving the environment to help good practices and focus spread naturally through a team. He's well versed in Clean Code, SOLID principles, TDD, and more.

He's famous as the originator of Mob Programming which is spreading around the world because it has often been the cause of significantly lower bug counts, higher quality, elimination of most meetings, and higher rates of feature delivery. Mob Programming grew out of using Coding Dojo's to help teams practice and get better at their craft. He's also infamous for his leadership in the #NoEstimates conversation. And he's got many other provocative topics in his belt.