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Welcome to Billings Adventure Group! This group Based out of the Billings area, but open to all! This group is dedicated to outdoor sports and adventure enthusiasts of all types.

We are local XC'ers, Skiers and Snowboarders, Snowshoers, Hikers, Backpackers, Mountain/Road Bikers, Kayakers, Golfers. Join us on trips to local areas in Montana as well as taking road trips to neighboring states, along with outdoor activities plan on joining us for some other fun events NOT just related to the outdoors So Let’s get out and enjoy our beautiful State and lessen our carbon footprint by carpooling! So come have some fun, make some new friends, and explore!

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Snowy Mountain Key Swap - 20 to 23 miles, highest elevation 8,681

Picture is of my lovely wife with Bald Knob and Half Moon Pass in the background.

Date is flexible.

One group start at Half Moon Pass Parking lot and the other start at either Crystal Lake or alternative. Hike south out of the Half Moon Pass Parking lot, hike/climb - non-technical - to Bald Knob, scramble down to Half Moon Pass, climb up to Greathouse Peak and over to Knife Blade Ridge. From here stay on the south plateau across the mountains. Drop down north (trail) into Crystal Lake or scramble south to Meadow Lake Road. Total mileage is about 20-23 miles

Meet Friday after work and drive to respect start locations to spend the night. Get an early start and meet on the plateau to swap keys.

Climb, or Tag Along to Base Camp, Cloud Peak, Wy via West Ten Sleep Trailhead

My wife Lee is tentatively planning on going to basecamp and then seeing how far she wants to venture up the climb. Leave Billings Thursday Night around 5, arrive West Ten Sleep Trailhead around 9:30 - sleep vehicles. In the morning, have breakfast and hike around Misty Moon Lake into Painted Rock Creek Drainage - about 9 miles - to camp. Next morning, early start for climbers. Summit by around 10 AM and down to Camp by early afternoon. Decide then if we want to break camp and partially hike out, or rest. Home Sunday evening.

Drop-off, Avalanche and Beartooth Mountains - Climbs

View From Drop-off of Black Canyon Lake.

3 - 12,000 foot peaks - strenuous and difficult. Leave Billings around 4 PM Friday night. Arrive Glacier Lake Trailhead 6 PM and start hiking to the back of Glacier Lake, Triangle Lake, and then an additional 1600 feet to the top of the ramp to the plateau at 11,600 feet where we will spend the night - bring crampons for the snow field on the ramp. Morning alpine start. Going lite from here, leaving your bivy sack, sleeping bag and weight items - Big Foot has no need to steal these items as he is hairy. Traverse and scramble up hard snow fields to Drop-off (easy), scramble down the south face of Drop-off to the saddle and up to Avalanche (moderate but loose rock), and then scramble down the south face of Avalanche to the saddle and up to Beartooth Mountain (moderate but loose rock). Pictures, picnic, and out. Estimate home by 7 PM.

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Villard Spire, Villard, NW Granite Summit, and Peal & Pleasant

View from Villard of the Villard Spires.

Strenuous and Difficult.

Date and Time subject change based on interest of those going.

Leave Friday AM, pick up driver in Red Lodge, and be dropped off at Lady of the Lake Trailhead. Hike 6-7 hours to the base of Villard Spire and spend the night. Saturday Up and climbing at sunrise. Climb Villard Spire - 12,000 foot peak - description of climb includes an area of "wild exposure". A six foot section is a six inch ledge across which you must scramble - shuffle your feet as you cling a crack in the rock wall over a +100 drop. Scramble to the top and come down to collect your gear. Climb up to Villard and scramble up to around the east side to traverse to the saddle. Drop bags at saddle, climbing lite. Scramble over to the west side of NW Granite Summit and walk/scramble 1.25 miles to the top. Down and grab your bag. Rest for the night in Sky Top Drainage. Sunday easy morning, Scramble over to the Granite/Tempest saddle, up to Granite base camp rock shelters, and down into Lake Turgulse - camping at Brent Lake. Monday - alpine start to climb Peal and Pleasant. Out via East Rosebud. Hitch hike to Red Lodge. Pick up vehicle and home.

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Ram Lake to Pyramid Mtn


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