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    I moved to Montana in August 2014 and have two computer degrees, in Networking and in Computer Programming. Looking forward to gaining more knowledge in WordPress and Website Design/Development, and also to meet new people in the area.
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    Conference Host | Speaker | former Forrest Gump impersonator for Bubba Gump Shrimp. Wordpress Genesis junkie. Phyllis & Nora disciple.
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    This is WordPress HQ.
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    Blogger, Social Media Manager, Entrepreneur, avidly using cheap puns whenever punctual
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    WordPress Dev outta Big Sky's Bozone, webmonkey-ing mainly for national journalism sites. Proud to have authored three pages of the official WordPress Codex and a grand total of one whole line in the core WordPress code.
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    I've been working become a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to PCs. I discovered Linux in 2000 and have never looked back. I got into web development a few years ago. I am enthusiastic about leveraging my HTML, CSS, JS etc. skills with it.
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    Hi! So, this code junky has started recommending WordPress. I'm so glad WordPress has 900+ files of code to play with! Great work Phyllis!
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    I'm the Web Mechanic! I speak WordPress and specialize in WordPress security and unhacking.
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