Unleashing Your Magic - The Power of Intuition


Our Daily Magic Presents, Unleashing Your Magic Series Part 3: The Power of Intuition

What is magic? It can be described as the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. It’s around us all the time - we simply need the awareness to recognize it more profoundly.

Developing your intuition indicates that you have a clarity of mind and can perceive the truth. It then becomes up to you to take the lead in making decisions using this skill that you have cultivated. In this session, learn exactly what intuition is, how to develop it and walk away with a profound sense of being connected to tools that you can use in your everyday life.

The evening will include a psychic tarot reading for the group to set our intentions and pinpoint the ways that each of us can produce a truly meaningful future connected to our purpose.

Hosted by Dell Henderson and Kaí Cole of Our Daily Magic (www.ourdailymagic.com)

Cost $22