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Do you live in the Montebello Condo Community in Alexandria VA? Do you seek an easy online way to hook up with your neighbors? This meetup will make get togethers easier to organize.

Art events, day trips, boardgamers, movie night, Sunday brunch at Bastille.. post an event here without having to plan ahead of time. This meetup is designed to let all its members suggest activities, be they small or large. It is designed to be independet from, but not competitive with, Montebello's existing and more formal activities and events.
Here are SOME examples... but you, the members, will ultimately be the ones to craft the activities on this site.

Hook up with people to go to the Farmer's Market
Schedule a dinner outing.
Start a monthly board game group
Find a ping pong buddy

Because this meetup is ONLY for Montebello residents, we will verify membership requests before approving. Unlike the owner's forum, this meetup is open to AL people who live here. It is for SOCIAL use. PLEASE DO NOT apply to this group unless you live in Montebello.

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