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Welcome to the Monterey D&D group, I'm the organizer Michael. Before this group started, I had a difficult time finding a group closer than Santa Cruz/San Jose, and now I'm happy to say that we have 4 groups running, and getting close to a 100 members.

Like everywhere else, we are affected by the "D&D Economy", in other words, more players than DM's. So if you a player, please be patient and check in occasionally on this page and our Discord server for announcements.

If you would like to DM, please let me know so I can post an event on this site, create channel(s) on our server for your group, and I'm always happy to share some of the great online resources that I use in my game.

Here is the link to our discord server, and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for the Meetup site and/or the discord:


Michael (Enjoju on the server)

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Mythic Games

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