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We're an educational nonprofit, the Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance, providing free access to health and wellness events. If you're a wellness enthusiast, freely post or discover health and wellness events here! Jazzercise, Tai Chi, hiking, yoga, dance, meditation, cooking or nutrition, Reiki, naturopathy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, senior events, arts and crafts, massage therapy, essential oils, animal communication, and more. Whether you are searching for resources or you are promoting your event, this is what you've been looking for! Join us!

What Exactly is the MBHA?The Monterey Bay Holistic Alliance (MBHA) is a registered nonprofit 501 (c) 3 health education organization,founded in 2002.It's purpose is to promote and provide FREE access to health and wellness events, authors, services, organizations, practitioners, healers, educators, speakers, and products. It sponsors events and provides a wide variety of educational holistic health articles, and wellness videos, by certified doctors, authors, or health practitioners on it's website at www.montereybayholistic.com (http://www.wix.com/MontereyBayHolistic/Monterey-Bay-Holistic) Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/montereybayholistic), Twitter, and YouTube (http://www.YouTube.com/MBHolistic) sites.


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YOU MAY POST all wellness-related events such as: health certification trainings, meditation groups, metaphysical events, diet and nutrition classes, women's or men's health, bike-riding events, drumming circles, therapeutic dance, hiking events, art therapy sessions, group therapy sessions or private healing sessions, children's events, senior citizen classes, Reiki sessions, massage therapy sessions, cooking classes, yoga, hypnotherapy, AA meetings, and many others. If you need help posting your event, feel free to contact us.

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The Monterey Walkers, Runners, Bikers, & Yogis Monthly Meetup

Parking lot across street from Del Monte Gate to NPS

Who's Hosting? This is The Monterey Walkers, Runners, Bikers, & Yogis Meetup Group event. Visit their site on Meetup for more information. How to find them: Red Jacket + Black pants This group is the third Monday of every month. It's geared for the beginner, the novice, the intermediate, the occasional exerciser, the walker, the runner, the buff, the non-buff, the executive, the yogi, the jogger, the mother, the father, the family, the exerciser, the doctor, the nurse, and whoever likes the outdoors/indoors/the gym/the trail/the pool/the bike path/the walking trail...and it could go on!!! We hope this will gear your year up for getting that Wellness Check...by that I mean finding that inner you---is it a goal, is it an adult sports team you want to join, is it golf, is it a wedding, is it a HEALTHIER YOU that you want!! Whatever it is Let's GET GOING!! Build IT and you WILL see!!

Good Vibrations Radio - Solarzar M, 5-6 PM

Good Vibrations Radio

Who is hosting? "Let Good Vibrations Radio help you transform your relationships, your communication, your health and your ability to reach your dreams!" Solarzar Solarzar is a full time mystery performer, based in California, USA. Although he explored the mystery arts beginning at the age of 8, his turning point occurred at the age of 16 when a Gypsy Caulbearer told him that he should be doing this work. Along with his mind reading and hypnosis demonstrations he offers personal readings using palmistry, numerology, astrology and tarot. A lifelong learner, his metaphysical studies have been continuous. He shares what he has learned through his radio shows Good Vibrations Radio® (http://www.goodvibrationsradio.com/) and Solarzar's Metaphysical Musings. A Master Trainer and award winning Speaker he offers corporate presentations on Leadership, Customer Service and Communication incorporating mind reading and magic. As an ordained minister with the title Doctor of Divinity he includes spirituality into all that he does. With his diverse background and training he delivers one of a kind events. Listen to Good Vibrations Radio® live every Monday, 5-6 PM [PST] by calling:[masked], enter:[masked]# or go to http://www.goodvibrationsradio.com to click on event link for live streaming at the time of the radio program, or go to this Link. (http://events.iteleseminar.com/?eventID=97522077) Past Shows can be heard through the Podcast (http://solarzar.podbean.com/?) page. What are People Saying Here is what guests say about the radio program: "You ask great questions." Allison Maslan, Master Life Coach and creator of BlastOff! "You are tops! You do a beautiful interview." Deborah King, best-selling author, Master Healer "You are a consummate professional! I can feel the good vibrations." Satyen Raja, the Warrior Sage "You are a lot of fun!" Michael J. Gelb, award winning author "You are phenomenal! Out of all the interviews I've had you're at the top." Chaney Weiner, creator of the Wealth Master System

Yoga Flow-Beginners Level - Salinas

Downing Resource Center

Yoga Flow is a free form style. Mondays for six sessions. Each 6 session program moves slowly, safely at the participant’s own pace. Beginning at your individual level, the program will help you reduce stress, improve cardiovascular activity, and strengthen and tone muscles, while focusing on breathing. Held at Downing Resource Center, A,B. Fee is $55.00 for 6 sessions $22 for MCSIG members. Registration required by calling the Health Promotion Department at[masked]

Tai Chi for Health - Carmel Valley Community Chapel

Carmel Valley Community Chapel

Tai Chi class can improve your balance, flexibility, strength and overall feeling of well-being. This Sun Style of Tai Chi was designed by a medical doctor and other tai chi professionals to be safe for almost anyone's level of physical health and can be done standing or seated. The CDC, Arthritis Foundation and the Administration on Aging have recognized this Sun Style Tai Chi as one of the highest level evidence based programs for health promotion and disease prevention. Participants have stated that their blood pressure improved after class or that they did not have to lean against the shower wall when taking a shower. Some of these changes occurred after three classes, attending once a week. Join this certified instructor once a week to see what Improvements you will make! Call Liana for information,[masked]

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