Japanese Martial Arts: Shorinji Kempo Class

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What is Shorinji Kempo?

Shorinji Kempo is one of Japanese modern Martial Arts, which is based on Zen Buddhism. Shorinji Kempo is also an education system which includes its unique philosophy and technique. The Founder So Doshin established Shorinji Kempo in Japan in order to make good and brave persons and to change the world. In Shorinji Kempo, at the beginning/end of practice, all members clean the dojo (practice place) together. It is called "Samu." It is translated as "daily chores" in Japanese Buddhism such as cleaning or preparing meals. It is regarded as an important aspect in Buddhism to express our appreciation and gratitude for our daily life such as living healthy and so on.

What is the purpose of Shorinji Kempo?

1. Discipline (Gyou): All members train body, mind, and spirit through Shorinji Kempo practice including Zen meditation. They practice intensely, enjoyably, and steadily.

2. Self-Establishment (Jiko Kakuritsu): All members earn body strength, mind cultivation, spirit enhancement, and self-defense through Discipline (Gyou).

3. Mutual Happiness for oneself and others (Jita Kyouraku): All members contribute well-Self-Established themselves (Jiko Kakuritsu) to making this society better through various activities.


Classes are every Wednesday and Friday. Cost is $45 month. When you decide one day to visit and observe practice, please email [masked] (not by phone) to tell when you will visit and observe. If you decide to join, you will have to submit the application forms and fee before/at the day of the first practice. Due to our insurance policy, all the application forms and fee must be submitted to us before starting the first practice.

Monthly Tuition: $45 (Child: $20) for 8-9 practices a month (twice weekly). Please inquire about children, family, or student discounts.

One-time registration fee: $26

Visit http://www.shorinjikempo-monterey.com for more information.

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