What we're about

This is a group for people who want to meet others who are 35 years of age or older AND

1. Try various local dining establishments
2. AND/OR See movies
3. AND/OR Get together to play fun board or card games.

You just need to be interested in one of these activities. The plan is to make each activity independant, even if they are held on the same day. For example, if we plan an early evening dinner followed by a movie, you can join us for both, or just one.

The intent is to make this a fun, but flexible venue for you to meet others to enjoy activities you like.

Ideally I would like all of us to participate and suggest local restaurants to try, movies to watch and games to play. I'm sure we all have our favorite little eateries...come share with all of us :)

Three main rules (and I'm willing to discuss these if you think I'm missing something important).

1. Disrespect for anyone (including sexual harassment) will mean immediate expulsion from the group.

2. Offensive comments or behaviour towards any group of people (orientation, religion, region, color, whatever) will mean immediate expulsion from the group.

3. Missing three Meetups that you have signed up for without letting me know will mean expulsion from the group. Please note that this is ONLY for those who sign up and then are no-shows. This can be very disruptive, especially for some activities where we are counting on a minimum number of people.

Upcoming events (1)

Let's pretend to be Horrible, play Cards Against Humanity AND have a fun dinner.

Fun casual game, easy to learn and playable with any number of fun people. Here are the rules: http://s3.amazonaws.com/cah/CAH_Rules.pdf We start the game at 3:30 followed by dinner (and depending on the logistics, we can play while we eat). The restaurants also has great beer and a full bar. Minimum signups needed is four. The game and the restaurant can accomodate quite a few. Come and have fun!

Past events (2)

2nd Meet-up. Games, fun and food.

Rockville Memorial Library

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