Game Mastering 101


I'm happy to announce a weekly "How-to Game Master" event! We'll meet to discuss the philosophy of GMing and best practices. We'll plan & practice running encounters for a variety of gaming styles where everyone gets a turn behind the screen. We'll also delve into the creative and mechanical aspects of producing materials for an entertaining session everyone can enjoy. Mechanics, Maps, Miniatures and more. We'll be using 5e sources to learn from but the fundamental principles can be applied to any rule set with a little adaptation.

If you have 5e source books, please bring those. A purchase is not necessary or required. In the event you would like to make a purchase, the store owner is happy to offer you his wholesale cost to order books. There are a variety of virtual resources available and I'll definitely share those as well. Best of all, some of these are free or mostly free.

We'll be renting space at The Montgomery Book Exchange at a cost of $10 per participant payable in cash to the store. There will be some refreshments provided. Coffee, water, and some nibbles. You are welcome to bring your own snacks. There is also numerous restaurants and cafes within walking distance if you desire more substantial fare.

Space is at a premium and in the new store front, we'll have a little more. Given the space limitations and the broken flow of learning the game rather than playing, I would like to set a participant limit of 10. There are already a few people who have expressed interest and we'll try to accommodate as many future GMs as possible with enough interest. Missing a session will not impede learning the game from the Game Master side of things so no worries.

There is limited shared parking behind the store, along streets in the front, and a municipal parking lot about a block away.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you are a GM for a different system and want to help develop GMs or players for your system, please, please, let me know. We can share.

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