What we're about

This event is as it says🤗English corner🤗it is focus of the event with English conversation practice & make new friends! Let's try help each other practice as best we can.

English corner with a difference topic &people based with 30~45 min each,totally "3" rounds + Free time. Participant members making 4 persons small groups and enjoy English conversation each rounds.

How to make small groups for each rounds? No worry! we prepare districtly rules about it. As follow organizer's instructions you can meet every new friends each rounds!

We can creates great energy & language practice opportunities and increases the fellow partners we meet.

More good reasons to join🤗
- structure that optimizes fun & original speaking practice

- optional fun & interesting topics &able to make new friends

- the location is a very convenient ,many bars and clubs restrants around there.After event you can do as u like with new friends.

- It's a bar with great ambience and many drinks are reduced to ¥25 special price for us.

A breakdown of the event;

The patio 1 (延平路店)

Arriving anytime from 20:00pm ,2nd and 4th Friday night every month.

🌏Time table at that day
20:00 - 20:40 Get a drink etc & First rounds group chatting & preparation time.

20:45 - 21:10 Secound rounds group chatting with new people.

21:15 - 21:45 Third rounds group chatting with new people.

21:45 - Fin Free conversation time. Do as you'd like.

🌏Joining fee : ¥30 with discound drink ticket.

Notes :

- Joining is at your own risk and we don't take any responsibility for any negative impact at all.

- This format means you should have at least 3 times English corner group's partners during the event.

- All levels of English are welcome.

- If you're a tourist ,interested in culture exchange and/or a friendly environment to chatting please join us too.

- This is a non smoking event. For smokers there's a outside smoking section.

◆With corona safety considerations very much in mind this event has been planned.

At the entrance hand sanitizer is provided, temperature checked and recommend facemasks are to be worn throughout the event.◆

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