Design and Monitor your RedShift Database Like a Boss

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It's our first Montreal AWS Users Group Meetup of 2019 and it's a good one! Nicolas Marchildon & Leopoldo Vargas from Plusgrade present "Design and Monitor your RedShift Database Like a Boss." Make sure to RSVP and we'll see you there!

Presentation Title:
Design and Monitor your RedShift Database Like a Boss

Presentation Summary:
Storing large amounts of data is easy. Querying is harder. Doing it quickly, even harder. Optimizing how data is stored is essential to achieve fast analytical performance. We will see what makes RedShift a great database, when to use it, and how to design a schema that's efficient to query. First, we will see why a columnar can outperform a row-based storage, then dive into RedShift's distribution styles, and see what their impact is with different schemas, through the RedShift console and CloudWatch metrics.

Presenters Bios:
Nicolas Marchildon is currently leading a data team at Plusgrade, the market-leading provider of upgrade solutions, a key segment of the ancillary revenue and merchandising sector in the global travel industry. Previously at Intelerad Medical Systems, he designed a DynamoDB-based portal to support millions of patients. He also helped Hopper index big amounts of travel data with Apache Hadoop, HBase and Lucene.

Leopoldo Vargas is a mathematician and software developer specialized in Machine Learning. He currently works at Plusgrade as Data scientist. Previously he worked as a Machine Learning engineer at Playster implementing anomaly detection models from conception to deployment. During his career he has worked as a mobile and full-stack web software developer.