The human component of tech and the non-techie's guide to getting a job in tech

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Stephanie Amram and Andrea Zoellner are the names of the ladies who will teach us something new in August!

Stephanie will talk about the human component of blockchain, AI, and other technologies.

Andrea will tell us how to land a job in tech, without knowing how to code.

Read on for talk abstracts!


The key to the successful adoption of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and other technologies : Managing the human component
by Stephanie Amram

The pace with which technology is changing today is the fastest we have ever seen. We hear about businesses needing to innovate, to be creative, to “Digitally Transform” and to adopt new technologies such as “Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence” sooner rather than later.

These evolving technologies have a great deal of potential to add value to businesses and, by extension, to people’s lives. They also bring with them a great deal of business disruption : new business models, new products, new services, etc. What this translates into is a great deal of change facing individuals.

So how can we get people to adopt new ways of doing things? To adopt new products and services and/or new ways of consuming existing products and services? To adopt new ways of working?

The key to ensuring the successful adoption of change is a human centred approach. People must be at the heart of the development and the implementation of these evolving technologies!

The Non-Techie's Guide to Getting a Job in Tech
By Andrea Zoellner

Believe it or not, you don't have to know how to code to get a job in tech. There are plenty of roles for people with a diverse set of skills and you never know what seemingly irrelevant experience can bring value to your team. In this talk, I'll share some examples of non-technical positions, how to find them, and how to pitch yourself for the job. I'll give practical tips on how to capitalize on your unique skill set and build a personal brand hiring managers will notice.

Andrea is a Content Creator at SiteGround Hosting and the lead organizer for WordCamp Montreal. She trained as a broadcast journalist and worked in corporate communications before trading it for a career in tech, working with brands like, Jetpack, and WooCommerce. Now, she spends her days developing brand messaging, copy editing, and blogging. When she’s not at home in Montreal, she’s sampling the digital nomad life and documenting her adventures on her travel blog


The event layout is super chill. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month and have talks about various topics in tech.

If you are interested in giving a talk, whether it is full-blown presentation or a 10-minute lightning talk, just ping us on Meetup!


Doors open at 6:00pm.

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