Our unconscious biases and music & creativity in machine learning

This is a past event

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Our two wonderful speakers for November are Rodica Crasnic and Iman Malik.

In her lightning talk, Rodica will tell us about the unconscious biases that effect our personal lives. Read an abstract of her talk below!

What is unconscious bias and how does it affect our personal and professional life? If it's unconscious and outside of our control, what can we do about it? That and more will be explained during this informative and fun session.

Iman will discuss music and creativity in machine learning, and show us the work she has been doing in this area. Below is an abstract of her talk.

Music is mysterious. We as humans love it and it makes us feel great! But why? Anthropologists have shown that every record of human culture has some aspect of music involved yet the exact evolutionary role of music is shrouded in mystery. As we enter the exciting era of automation, we see incredible changes in all areas of human life through applications of A.I. But does A.I have a place in the music sector? Can A.I “understand" something that is so fundamentally human and if so, what are its limits? How can musicians and creative practitioners leverage the power of A.I?


The event layout is super chill. Its a monthly hangout where we start the talks at 6pm (talks are in a variety of areas) and usually last an hour or so. We usually have one main talk (30-45 min) and one or two lightning talks (10-15 minutes).

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