Vault Internals: Storage, Seals, and HA & Terraform Cloud


Hi everyone! Join us for the next Montreal HUG on Thursday, November 28th. We have an amazing roster of HashiCorp speakers that will discuss Vault and Terraform Cloud. Check them out below!

Here is the agenda:
***5h30 - 6h15: Check-In, Food, beverages, and socializing

***6h15: Opening, HashiCorp and Cloudops brief introduction

***6h25: Vault Internals: Storage, Seals, and HA given by Nick Cabatoff, Vault Senior Software Engineer at HashiCorp

Have you ever wondered how Vault works its magic? Get the answers to questions like: How does Vault store and encrypt data at rest? What's a seal, what's a barrier, and how do they work? How does Vault HA choose the active node, how does failover work? Understanding the details helps when designing a deployment architecture and when debugging issues in the field. The talk will include Go code.

***7h00: Terraform Cloud overview and introduction given by Ahmed Belgana, Solution Engineer at HashiCorp

Terraform Cloud is an application that helps practitioners collaborate and use Terraform together. Let's set up Terraform Cloud account and integrate it with a delivery pipeline. We will build a Go app backed by postgresql and go through a Kubernetes service catalog.

***7h30: Closing remarks, Q&A, & Networking


We look forward to seeing you.
Thank you for hosting us, Cloudops!

Interested in getting involved with this chapter? We are always looking for venues and speakers. Reach out to us at [masked].