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Learn how you can make 20% returns or more investing in Mortgage notes in the US
Interested in investing in real estate? Come join us and learn all about investing in Mortgage notes in the U.S. and how you can make phenomal returns without having to have headaches of dealing with tenants, leaky roofs, or getting phone calls in the middle of the night for broken toilets. Just bring a pen and paper come join!

507 Place d'Armes

507 Place d'Armes · Montréal, QC

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Learn how you can earn high returns with low risks by investing in Mortgage Notes. We invite anyone who might be interested in real estate investing. This is a small niche that not many Canadians or Americans are aware of and that they can invest in. Come join us and learn more about what we do and become a real estate mortgage note investor too!

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