HIDDEN CASH – Increase your buildings potential

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Price: CA$20.00

Groupe Sutton Centre Ouest

5800 Monkland ave. · NDG, QC

How to find us

We are downstairs in the conference room at my Sutton Office.


Hi Investors!

We all want the get the most out of our investments. But how do we do it? Over the years, I have counselled hundreds owners on how to increase their value. I’d like to share with you the many ideas that almost take no effort, time and money, so you can pick and choose what works best for you and your situation. The outcome could mean the difference between a good investment and a great one.

If you are looking at becoming a real estate investor, this course is a must for your tool box.

Topics covered:
-What is in it for you?
-What to renovate?
-Things to think about
-Improving your building’s energy efficiency
-Great ideas that add value
-Smaller, less expensive ideas
-Larger, more expensive ideas

Come join us!
Jennifer Lynn Walker

PS. If you are not paying by Paypal and want to pay cash, please inform me by email so I can print enough handouts. If I don't know you are coming, I might not have enough for you. See you there!