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Square and Round Dancing are a wonderful combination of Mental, and Physical Exercise, Conversation, and Laughter. Come join us for friendship, fitness, health and for the sheer fun of it.

• We have 7 Square Dance clubs where you can start dancing, and one more club specializing in advanced levels. This meetup brings together all the Square dance clubs in Southern Quebec, along with Alexandria ON, Cornwall ON, and Champlain, NY.

• For more information, check : Pages, Discussions, and More:Files, or http://www.squaredance.qc.ca/ , or click the links for our sponsoring clubs.

• Become a friend on Facebook : http://facebook.com/dansecarreMontreal

• Here is a sample of a simple square dance (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5alP5z1Z4UE). Perfection not required!

Modern square dancing in Europe: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgqEM-JgeAs)

Tech Squares - High energy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcWMp1tcn18)

Bienvenue au Francophones: Venez découvrir cette activité qui, chez nous, est surtout connue des anglophones, mais qui est en fait pratiquée internationalement.

Même si vous ne maîtrisez pas parfaitement la langue de Shakespeare, l'atmosphère amicale d'une soirée de danse et la courtoisie des danseurs auront tôt fait de vous convaincre de vous inscrire à l'une de nos classes. D'ailleurs, nos clubs comptent déjà beaucoup de francophones parmi leurs membres.

You may also want to check out Contra Dancing, a closely related dance form, and one of the traditional sources of Modern Square Dancing. Here are the links for their meetup group http://www.meetup.com/ContraMontreal/ , and their web Site http://www.contramontreal.org/ .

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Come Take Square Dance Lessons!

St Johns United Church

Invitation: Come Square Dancing!

St Johns United Church

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Invitation: Come Square Dancing!

St Johns United Church

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