What we're about

All life is a game... we are all actors.
Our group is for training your psycho-social skills by Body Mind Role playing games.

Body Mind Games is the fun acting part of Body Mind Com. Com is not for commercial, but for Communications.

You can train and improve your body mind communication skills like any other skills. Like dances, martial arts, sports, etc.

Your internal and external communications are the motor of your Self.

Let's create all together our fun self-improvement group. It's all about helping each other to self-improve for a better life. We all can be the creators of this group. You can contribute with your ideas, skills and visions.

My vision about Self-improvement is clear and flexible. The Self makes or breaks your life... or simply your Self is your life. OK, if your self is your life or your life your self.... then what is your self? I believe this is the trinity of your mind, body and environment. Let's call this trio: Inner - Outer - Extra. These three are like the three mosquitoes... oops the Three Musketeers :). All for one - one for all. Sounds good, but all the 3 are more or less crazy... how to master them? My short answer is by body mind games. A bit longer one coming from my long psychology and MBA studies with half-live experience is... by Body Mind Communications. The real communication is in real life by real connection. OK, internet, theory and books help a bit to help yourself... but the real change comes from real practice with real people. My belief is that the best safe practice is in small groups by real roles playing and fun games.

Would you love to discover yourself? To connect with people? To improve your personal, social and love life? Then join us. This group is free and open to everybody in the Meetup community. All languages are welcome as we speak body mind language... the universal language.

We can have outdoor and indoor events in Down-town - Old Port Montreal and everywhere else we decide. To keep the human touch it is preferably 5 to 10 persons per event. I'll do my best to organize different meetings every week. We can have Open events (open to your ideas and suggestions) as well as Programmed events with specific bio-psycho-social topics... oops inner - outer - extra games. All is easy fun.

The programmed events are about to cover practically all you need for TRAINiNG your body and mind harmony. With you, we’ll be the first, in public, to experience 3 Non Profit Programs that I’ve been developing for a few years.

1. Doc Dog - your body guide (The fun guide of the galaxy of your body)
2. EASY for EASY (Life is easy... with Easy for Easy!). E.A.S.Y. is an acronym with two meanings. The first one is for my system Eat - Act - Sleep - Yes. The second one is the pack of benefits you get Emotions - Attractiveness - Success - Youthfulness.
3. BodyMindCom or Body Mind Communications (The Alphabet of Body Mind Language). This treasure is hidden under another Acronym...SCIENCE! It stands for Stress - Confidence - Interest - Emotions - Neutral - Concordance - Environment.

Description is boring, it’s all about the living experience. You can discover more during the events starting next week. We can play each theme by... body mind games. Even the programmed events are open to all your ideas and developments. In plus during the Open events we can play any other topic, related to self-improvement, that you may like.

We create this group together.

See you very soon :).


Amélioration de Soi par des Jeux de rôle psy-corporels

Nos communications sont en français et en anglais ainsi qu'en toute autre langue.

La présentation en français sera publiée ce soir. A très bientôt :).

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