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The purpose of this group is to provide tips and practical knowledge to help people who are looking at improving themselves and enable them to help others as well. I will do meetups on different aspects of life: Communication, Knowing who you can trust, How to overcome ups and down in life, Love & more...

These tips can then be used in your day to day life and this is when you will see the results!

These meetups are totally free and are based on the principles from the Scientology Handbook.

*About the organizer: My name is Cyndie and I have been delivering seminars on self improvement skills for the last two years. I started doing webinars a year ago to help people who are looking for answers and want to be happier during the pandemic. I have always loved helping people with the tools that once helped me and I want to share it with everybody who is interested!

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Tips to handle CONFLICTS & What is the 3rd party law?

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Hello dear Montreal Meetup friends!

On Friday, Alec and I will go over the topic of ''Conflicts''. We are looking forward to hear your experiences and share usable tools to help you with different life's situations regarding conflicts!

3 points we will particularly go over:

- The real underlying cause of all human quarrels and conflicts.

- Why some conflicts can seem so difficult—if not impossible—to fully resolve.

- The precise tools you need to find out who has been stirring things upand why this discovery opens the door to resolving any conflict.

See you soon!

For more information visit: https://www.scientology.org/courses/conflicts/overview.html

(Français) Surmonter le stress pour une vie plus heureuse et saine!

Bonjour chers amis Meetup !

Dimanche, nous donnerons des conseils pour gérer le stress!

Nous apprendrons;
- Qu'est-ce que le stress est vraiment.
- Quels facteurs le créent.
- Comment vous pouvez gérer efficacement votre vie pour être sans stress et heureux.

Cette information est tirée du chapitre « La cause de la suppression » du Manuel de Scientologie ! Pour plus d'informations, visitez:

À dimanche!

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LOVE. How to create, keep and restore it!

Online event

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