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New in town? Bored? Shy? Want to meet new people? Want to make new Friends and Connections? This is the Group for you.

The Purpose of this group is to provide a means for people to meet new people and network.

We will be organizing monthly activities with other networking groups. Example activities include:

-5@7 Cocktails
-Speed Networking
-Group Activities

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The objective: To score as many points as possible over the course of 4 bars that we will attend. Basically we will begin the soiree at Thursdays in the main level at 6pm. I will seperate you into groups and distribute scoresheets. Teams can eearn points at any point over the course of the event. The team that has the most points overall at the end will win. (There will be some drinking involved but it will not be the objective. You do not need to drink either....You can simply attend and get your points for other parts of the scvenger hunt.) Bars that we will attend: Thursdays, Winnies, Hurleys, Mad Hatters. (the order to be determined shortly) If you can't make it at 6pm please refer to the website to see what time we will be in the folowing bar. Prizes will be awarded. Come and mingle while you have a BLAST! 5$ per person for the activity. Bring friends if you like. The more the merrier. THERE ARE OTHER MEETUP GROUPS PARTICIPATING AS WELL...

Drinks and Fortune Telling

Bar La Grosse

Évènement gratuit, joignez-vous à nous pour un cocktail et connaitre votre fortune? Chaque dernier mercredi du mois, une soirée mystique vous attend avec des gens d’expérience en tarot, numérologie et lignes de la main. 20$ par séance. Bouffe et drinks sur place, non plus. Superbe terrasse ouverte. Venez chercher les réponses à vos questions et peut être découvrir un peu de votre avenir. le 31 juillet tarot et numérologie le 28 août tarot et t lignes de la main Bar La Grosse 2071 st.catherine ouest/coin du fort FREE EVENT! Come join us for drinks and fortune telling!! Every last wed of the month will be running a Mystical night with experienced experts in their field of tarot, numerology and palm reading. 20$ per reading. Food & drinks available but not included, open outdoor terrace! Get your questions answered and a sneak peek into your future!! No reservations needed! First come first serve! July 31 tarot & numerology Aug 28th tarot & palm reading Bar La Grosse 2071 st.catherine street west, corner Fort

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