BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND....DONT MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY! IMPORTANT PLEASE EMAIL ME TO SET UP A CONVENIENT TIME FOR YOUR APOINTMENT IN THESE HOURS... Would you like to have some clarity, insight and illumination to help you with different parts of your life? And perhaps learn of tools and resources to help you empower yourself? Why not get a look at what this month will bring you, through the messages your angels & guides share with you, through a Tarot or Oracle card reading with Aurora! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 10-15 minute reading = *$20 Enjoy a nice & relaxed social chat with your fellow Meetup peeps, as you wait for your private tarot or oracle card reading. • * Food & drinks not included. PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THE ESTABLISHMENT BY HAVING A MINIMUM OF ONE DRINK. THEY ARE NICE ENOUGH TO LET US USE THEIR RESTAURANT. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Spots are limited to 10 people so sign-up soon to reserve your spot! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ About Aurora Aurora North is a Happiness Coach, Life Coach and Spiritual Coach. Her specialty is helping people navigate grief and other life transitions, from career changes to life's daily challenges. Aurora also teaches and coaches in the area of angel communication and mediumship development, from beginners to the more advanced. Her global caring and compassionate approach to coaching involves using various spiritual tools to help people empower themselves in their daily lives, and on their unique spiritual paths. For over 25 years, she has used the wondrous Art of Divination, through tarot and oracle card readings, to bring illumination and peace to seekers from every walk of life. Aurora's mission is to help people experience more joy, miracles, blessings and happiness every day of their lives. Aurora North's website: https://soulfultraveler.com/


    3 Amigos

    These actvitites are turning into quite a hit. Whether you have ever painted or not this is a fun time to be had by all! Our artist NAOMI will teach us all how to paint step by step to create the masterpiece that we all want to achieve. The price of 25$ includes EVERTYHING you need to use to paint. The paintbrushes, the paint, the apron, the canvas, the easel and most importantly NAOMI our teacher. If you want to customize your painting by all means dont be shy! Children are 15$ each. Children are WELCOME! PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THE ESTABLISHMENT BY HAVING A MINIMUM OF ONE DRINK. THEY WERE NICE ENOUGH TO LET US USE THEIR RESTAURANT. There is also a fantastic taco special on Sundays...all tacos are 89 cents when you purchase any beverage.... See you all there. :-)