What we're about

Value investing is an investment strategy that focuses on the intrinsic value of a company; the actual value of owning shares. Other investment strategies focus on prices and markets, but value investors look for good companies to buy at fair prices, and then we hold them virtually forever.

How is it better than Swing/Day/Options Trading?

Value investing is somewhat less chaotic. Instead of following the minute-to-minute price fluctuations of the markets, we casually analyze financial statements. By betting on the strength of the company and it's management, a value investor can rest assured that their money will grow year after year, and at a higher rate than the market at large. When you use your own understanding of the real world of business and accounting, Value investing is a fun way to get rich slowly.

Who is this group for?

This meetup is for investors at all levels who are interested in value investing:

• Understanding how a business' health is reflected in its finances.

• Learning more about what makes a company and its stock valuable.

• Finding good companies at fair prices.

• Sharing value analysis of companies.

• Just talking about value investment strategies.

What is this group not about?

Here are some things that we try to avoid:

• Speculation on speculation. We're here to develop our own judgement and intuition based on established facts and reliable, official sources (SEC.gov, Nasdaq/NYSE, etc.). We don't analyze the analysis of other analysts.

• Technical Analysis. The Stock Analysis meetups are for fundamentals, however, all day/options/swing traders are encouraged to regale us with their stories at the Portfolio Social or Investor's Open Mic meetings.

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