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More Joy Singles (Boston-Cambridge):
Creative by The Love Dragons

Enjoy outrageously fun, conscious, and creative singles events and experiences, such as:

• “The More Fun than Speed Dating Team Game Shows”: unforgettable game shows with fun, “out of the box” team challenges. After each round, team members swap, speed-dating style! Each Team Game Show has its own unique theme, such as “playful” or “a bit spicy!”

• Workshops, such as “Journey to Your Life Purpose” (interpret the clues and uncover the greatest mystery (gift) ever designed just for you!)

• Outdoor adventures, such as the “Singles Adventure Scavenger Hunts”

• Playshops, such as “More Joy Singles Improv Classes” (fun and powerful improv games all about fulfillment and joy in dating and relationships)

• Dynamic speaking engagements, such as “Sexuality Meets Personal Growth” (the three realms of conscious sexuality).

Energize your love life, discover your life purpose, and experience the two light each other up!


Why "More Joy?"

• Joy is emotional oxygen, we need it to breathe deeply, every day

• As a single person,true joy is irresistible (as Joy is a key element of The Fountain of Youth)

Learn how to create more joy in your life, present and future. Experience more joy in the moment (at our events), expanding your capacity for joy. It's time to get off your Joy diet!

Join us!

1. Meet great people
2. Have a ridiculously fun time
3. Create more Love, Joy, & Fire in your life

Daniel Sara of The Love Dragons: Daniel received his Masters in Counseling Psychology from CIIS, and his Bachelors in Socio-Cultural Anthropology from Tufts. He is a speaker, workshop leader, and life coach. Daniel also loves scuba-diving and thunderstorms, but not at the same time.

Past events (7)

"The Love Dragons" Sexy Wisdom Improv Show ("Rated R")

First Parish Cambridge Unitarian Universalist

"The Love Dragons" Sexy Wisdom Improv Show ("Rated R")

Cambridge Center for Adult Education

"The Love Dragons" Sexy Wisdom Improv Show

First Parish In Lexington Unitarian Universalist

The Time Machine Playshop: Test Drive Your Possible Futures

First Parish Cambridge Unitarian Universalist

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