What we're about

Our group are opened for people who are interested or going to visit Morocco.

Our tutor is from Morocco and he lives in Hong Kong about 7 years.

By his cooking classes, you can know more about Morocco culture and the food.

We hope this group can let you make some new friends or help you before going to Morocco.

Our workshop schedule as below:

1) Cooking Lesson - Teach you how to cook or what is Morocco food

2) Eat and enjoy Africa Drum

3) Show to you how is Morocco. Explain more about the culture and history.

4) Questions time.

Please join us and we will update more workshop.





1) 美食教學 - 教你如何煮摩洛哥食物,而且是什麼食物。

2) 享用食物時也可以享受非洲鼓音樂

3) 會為大家介紹更多摩洛哥文化和歷史

4) 問題時間


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