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Members of this group should be interested in sharing their experiences and learning more about connecting with their guides and guardians. Using tools such as Tarot, Energy Healing, Crystals and more, the goal of this group is meet each person where they are in their spiritual path and together we will help each other fine tune our intuition and psychic awakening.

Our meetups are generally held in Morristown at The Soul's Inspiration Wellness Center, which is located on South Street in Morristown. The great news is that most street parking is free on Sunday's the bad news is that sometimes it's not easy to park.

This meetup group is a labor of love.

I am an intuitive psychic. That means that as a rule I feel the messages, but sometimes hear and even see them. I'm not a medium which is to say that I don't always see your spirit guides, but sometimes I do. Believe it or not, this group is part of my spiritual journey. The universe has a funny way of not allowing you to refuse the lessons you're meant to receive, no matter how many times you refuse. And so I'm here.

I want you to know that it costs money to run a meetup group. It isn't free.

It also costs money to secure a meeting space.

And since you can't be the light of the world if you can't pay your electric, I will usually charge for the meetups events to try to cover the expenses. Donations are accepted.

I'm very excited to meetup you and get to know you as we progress in this journey.

love and light


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Tarot Reading Sunday -> Receive a reading and Insight into your Questions

The Soul's Inspiration Wellness Center


Because you are a member of a metaphysical meetup group, I don't need to tell you how fantastic Tarot Cards are as a divination tool. There are divided schools of thought about whether you should or shouldn't read your own cards? I believe that you should NOT read your own cards. (oh. I can already feel the resistance) The simple reason is... You are too close to the situation or too attached to the outcome. The more complicated reason is... you might actually "fashion" the answer or associations from what you think you know, rather than allowing the tarot cards to expand your awareness. You see, you can't vibrate at the level of the answer, when you are already vibrating at the level of the question. And while the Tarot will be providing the answer, your vibration is still at the level of the question. You may miss the answer. Today's Tarot Reading Meetup is about HOW to help yourself with your own deck. Because the reality is that we can't all connect with a psychic or tarot reader when we want questions answered. Sometimes we just want reassurance or guidance in the moment. Since I'm scheduling this today FOR TODAY... I'll leave the registration open until 10:00am. If no one registers by 10AM, then I'm going to reschedule this meetup for 2 weeks from now. (I have a college visit with my oldest daughter next weekend). My goal is to have 2 meetups a month on various topics with some aspect of Tarot being one of them. Have an amazing day! Birdie P.S. As always, you can connect personally with me at www.realtarotreading.com or follow me on Facebook or Instagram: www.facebook.com/TheRealTarotReading www.Instagram.com/RealTarotReading As always connect with Psychic Dorothy Toner at The Soul's Inspiration at www.thesoulsinspiration.com

Meditation & Connection to Spirit

The Soul's Inspiration Wellness Center


Have you ever said, "I can't meditate because my mind keeps thinking?" Well, you're not alone, in fact most people that resist meditation use that excuse. I feel like the word "excuse" may seem a little harsh and at the same time, I'm keeping it. An excuse is intended to release responsibility in a matter, whereas a reason is more of an explanation. And, "my mind keeps thinking" isn't a reason, it's an excuse, it takes a moment to regain the control of your thoughts. We know that. If you say, "I don't meditate because it's not a priority to me to learn how to quiet my inner chatter and turmoil"... well.... that's more like a reason. Do you feel the difference? Meditation is a skill that doesn't come naturally to most people. You are not alone! My wandering thoughts is my greatest challenge when meditating. I've personally found guided meditations an most recently the "Blessing of the Energy Centers" and "Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind" meditations very effective. In this meetup we will do a guided Energy Clearing Meditation (about 20 minutes) followed by a discuss how each person attending can jump start their pure positive potential with a 5 minute daily meditation routine. -Guided Meditation and Discussion material will be excerpted from the Dr. Joe Dispenza book: Becoming Supernatural and pre-recorded by Birdie for our personal use. -Birdie If you are interested in a private consultation please feel free to message me directly www.facebook.com/TheRealTarotReading/ or email me mailto://birdie@realtarotreading.com

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Psychic Tarot Reading

The Soul's Inspiration Wellness Center


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