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The "Warrior Flow" training group is focused on developing you in the body you already possess, in the "Warrior Skills" necessary to "win the battle" and save your life or that of your loved ones. The training group meetings will focus on developing a variety of combative skills for the participants. People from beginner to advanced, all styles, and all ages are welcome. No prior martial arts experience is necessary.
The training group focuses on developing people in the body they already have in the Warrior Skills and are not designed to make you an "exercise champion" as with other training programs, but real Warrior Skills that you can use.

One exercise practiced in Warrior Flow is similar to chi sao or push hands used in wing chun, tai chi and other internal martial arts. Looseness, sensitivity and balance are used without oppositional force or structure to learn how to deal with another persons energy and motion. This is learned from day 1 and there are no forms to learn or time limits before participating in this exercise.

I am just starting this group so please email me at john.daily@rocketmail.com or call my cell at 718-238-0398 to schedule a meeting and to start this group up. I am starting this to meet up group to meet like-minded people who want to train to learn how to protect themselves and their families. I am by no means an "expert" and want to share what I have learned and also learn from others in a supportive and safe environment. I am looking for people to train with and share knowledge and experience.



John Daily

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