What we're about

Let's meet up once a week or so and get back to the basics of movement. We will workout together, motivate each other, and most importantly have a ton of fun. Using just our bodyweight and very little equipment we will get strong, coordinated, and energized.

Here are some of the things you can expect to learn and experience:

-Basic Martial Arts techniques and general movements

-Yoga postures as a way to warm up and cool down

-Qi Gong to limber up the joints, calm the mind, and enliven the body

-Strength building movements (calisthenics) and the progressions required to go from beginner to advanced and beyond

-Animal locomotion and experiencing a return to our ancestral movements patterns as we crawl, bend, run, jump, and play

-Games! Play is the best way to learn and have fun, especially with other people.

-Talk and discussion as a group to explore the mental side of human movement

Past events (4)

Squat + Lower Body Movement Seminar

Loantaka Park

Warm Up + Pull Up Seminar

Loantaka Park

Group Workout

Loantaka Park

Workout out at Loantaka Park, Morristown

Loantaka Park

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