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1st annual Groundhog Jam - COME OUT AND PLAY!!!

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HEY - here's a link to a new compilation songbook you might find helpful this February 2nd:

Here’s a traditional MUJ event most of you probably haven’t heard of. That’s because… I haven’t started it yet. So BE THERE for our inaugural GROUNDHOG JAM this Feb 2nd (of course)! (For those who have been around for a while, I’m hoping this will become a MUJ tradition along the lines of Somethin’ de Mayo.)

I’ve actually been celebrating Groundhog Day for… about 40 years. So 5 years ago, when Feb 2nd also became the official “World Play Your Ukulele Day” (NO, I’m not kidding), I wasn’t surprised. And what could be more appropriate than to mix two of my favorite celebrations into one and have you all over to PAR-TAY!

-- On this day we’re likely to call each other “pigs” or “hogs”. Those comments will always be intended in a sincerely complimentary way.
-- We’ll also invite you to share every “dirty” song you know. I expect all of these dirty songs to be family friendly. (Think “Dirty Deeds”, “Dust in the Wind”, “Heaven is a Place on Earth”.)
-- We will of course be eating various versions of ground hog.
-- And we’ll be drinking… well, that’ll be Woodchuck Cider, I suppose.
-- Together with whatever else we want to eat, drink, play and call each other. Hey, if we can’t act like dirty pigs on Groundhog Day (in the best possible sense of those words)… whatever.

• Start by coming to my house. Yup, Casa Marco, in Denville; last house on the left before you drive into the river. You’ll need to park on the road, so please help me be a good neighbor.
• The plan is music, chat, music, food, music, drinks, music, maybe fall in the river, more music.
• At some point (probably about 4 pm) I’ll have a dinner of ground hog (sausage), groundhog food (salad) and Woodchuck (cider).
• NO OBLIGATIONS - just come if you can. But if you’d like to contribute eatables, I’d encourage any of the following:
- Snacks of any kind
- Drinks of any kind (other than Woodchuck)
- Desserts of any kind
- Bonus points if you (even remotely) follow the ground / hog theme
•I've ordered an exceptional evening of weather. If it comes through, we might play outside for a bit... so bring warm but comfortable clothes.
• Other things to bring:
- ukulele
- music to share for playalongs or to play for us
- media devices (tablets) to access my wifi, so that everybody with a tablet has access to our entire library of songs
- music stand if you like (I already have 5 and there’ll be lots of sharing)
- eatables or drinkables to share (if you want)
- friend (must be willing to sing or clap; ukulele experience a bonus)

That’s it! Now COME OUT AND PLAY!!!