What we're about

Mosaic Networks (https://www.babble.io/) is an online community for technologists who are enthusiastic about modular blockchain technology.

For a sneak peak of our technology and whitepaper, check out these links:

• Github (https://github.com/mosaicnetworks)

• Whitepaper (http://bit.ly/monet-whitepaper)

We are creating a community of technologists who are excited about what we are doing at mosaic networks. Please join our Slack (https://t.me/mosaicnetwork)channel and say hi!

A good meetup is all about the people who join and attend events. We are trying to create a fun event, where the people who attend get a lot from coming. We put in a huge amount of effort into each event to make it as good as possible and we ask that when you join you tell us your full name and give a couple of words of introduction.

Note that we operate a strict zero-tolerance policy toward any form of harassment during our events, treat all incidents seriously and promptly investigate all allegations of harassment and take the necessary action. The events we run are strictly for technologists.

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