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Sky diving Oceanside
If you have never experienced a sky dive this is a chance to take something off of your bucket list . Ski diving with GO Jump in Oceanside is an ultimate sky Diving experience , 13000 feet free fall for one minute at 120 mph and exhilarating experience beautiful views of the ocean and neighboring farm land as you ascend to the ground . The first sky dive will be a tandem dive with an experienced sky diver .At GoJump Oceanside, skydivers plummet earthward for 13,000 feet while a full panorama of the ocean stretches to the horizon before them. This scenic view comes courtesy of the outfit's location at Oceanside Municipal Airport, smack-dab between San Diego and Los Angeles and just a mile from the shore. Beginning skydivers will enjoy their freefall with a tandem skydiving instructor, who is not only certified by the United States Parachute Association but likely also has experience that involves jumping in world championships, training with the Navy SEALs, or a past life as a flying squirrel.

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    Being a single man over 40 and enjoying the second part of life I thought there may be other men who would also be interested in enjoying everything that life has to offer. This group is about self-improvement in your health, eating, dating, emotional and physical. I am looking for men who are serious about improving their life in every way , and are serious about being involved with our group in doing many athletic adventurers such as scuba diving , sky diving , mountain climbing , skiing , wakeboarding , surfing , zip lining , cycling and many more . Don’t worry if you have never done some of these adventurers as long as you are willing to try. The criteria for joining the group require you to be a single man and committed to self-improvement. I have been on a journey the past few years improving myself personally , dating life , health , emotionally and want to share what I have learned and looking for other men who want to break from their boring lives and start seeing their potential . This is not a fee based group, just a group of likeminded Individuals who want to help each other in their journey to become the best man they could be, There will be a onetime membership fee charged of $25.00 that will be used to offset some of the cost of your adventurers but mainly to filter out the members who are not committed in this journey. If you are not serious about being involved please do not join, a close brotherly bond will be formed between our group and we are here to help each other out in our self-improvement and adventurer goals.. Once a month we will have membership meetings to discuss our next great adventurer, discuss financial goals, health and spiritual goals. You should be financially stable enough to afford some of the weekend trips for some of our adventurers and have enough free time to go on these adventure trips. The club won’t be just about athletic adventures we will also get involved in social activities, bars, clubs and dances. Some of the places we may go to are Las Vegas, San Diego and Palm Springs. Part of improving ourselves is being comfortable in socializing, meeting and dating beautiful women. If you are serious about improving your life then I would urge you to join.

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