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This Meetup is for first-time and experienced mothers who have a passionate interest in: Spirituality, Metaphysics, Astrology, Symbology, Divination, Gnosticism- The Occult.

Here we can discuss, share, connect and collaborate to answer questions, express experiences and create ways to incorporate the information we attain into practical application for self, others and to formulate ways to teach or expose our children to esoteric knowledge. Learn games, methods for dream interpretation and tracking synchronicities, study text and film symbology, learn personalized rituals and meditation techniques...and more.

Men and those without children, you are still welcome and encouraged to attend, share and learn.

This meetup creates a needed space for those seeking connections as they face motherhood, heal and learn about themselves through self-reflection, evolve with the collective consciousness, and have the desire to understand their humanity and spiritual experiences.

Being alone is being All One. Whole within. Whole without.

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Meet & Greet 🧚🏾‍♀️

Hilltop Coffee and Kitchen

Just a simple meet and greet. Let us join together for some stimulating and refreshing conversation. This is an opportunity to connect with others who are seeking higher vibrational relationships, to discuss your experiences as an awakened spirit and meet others who dabble in taboo studies. Come as you are. Children are welcome.

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