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Did you give up a cooperate career to be a stay at home mom? Are you a frustrated MEO, Mom Executive Officer, needing an outlet for your extreme talents? I want to meet you! You want to meet others! We need to "meet-up" and MOVE MILLIONS! MMM is a group of motivated, cleaver people who will brainstorm, network, and make a difference in the world of families who need wheelchair accessible vehicles. If you google "families needing a wheelchair van" you will find hundreds of requests from young families with non-ambulatory children who are wheelchair bound who need a car to transport their families. WE Will MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Let's get together and combine our ideas with action. I am especially looking for women because multi-tasking and moving millions is a great combination!

If you want to make a difference in the world but your spare time is precious, you need to meet up with us. You will be inspired, focused, and receive the time out you need and feel great about! Check out www.steelmanfamilyfoundaton.org to learn more about what we are and how you can join our family!

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