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Are you stuck and unable to move forward with a project, an idea, or something you want to create or achieve? Come and share what it is you want but you don't have the energy or focus to get moving, then hear what others suggest. We can motivate each other, and in the process of reflecting on someone else's need for motivation, we will also help ourselves. Only positive, constructive, non-judgemental comments will be encouraged.

The essence of motivation is looking forward and moving towards a goal. It's about decision-making and taking risks.

Meets will last 90 minutes and will work best with no more than 7 members.

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Pleasure or Pain? Reward or Punishment? Which motivates most effectively?

Is it only pleasure and reward that motivates us, or do pain and punishment play an equal role? You may think this is a no-brainer but let's discuss it and open our minds to a broader understanding of what motvates us, day to day.

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Motivation Makes the World Go Around

Lyttleton Theatre

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