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Our next BIG trainings are:

1. NLP Coaching Practitioner & Master Prac Level 1 (With ICF Recognition), 4-12th July in Bali

2. NLP Practitioner & Master Prac Level 2, 1-7 October in Hong Kong

An open platform for all your personal and career development needs.


We allow Coaches / Trainers / Change Makers / Future leaders the space and resources to create inspiring, informative and thought provoking experiences.

Looking for a platform to help you host and make your event a success, just ask.

Many people come to Shanghai to achieve higher success in their lives. And that's where the magic of Motivate Shanghai comes in. By having motivated like minded people coming together we can all help each other.

Some benefits to members:

- Make new friends. Help kick start your career. Especially if you are a free lancer or self employed.

- Looking for work? Numerous industry recruiters connected to the group.

- Strategies for adapting to life in Shanghai. (or perhaps your returning to Shanghai).

- We have at least 3 members certified in the areas of Life, Executive, Productivity, Health Coaching.

- A range of meetups for developing Positive Psychology.

- Learn and practice methods of Advanced Communications and healthier relationships.

- Mastermind groups, goal setting, personal development.

- Regular CashFlow 101, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Coaching Workshops.

Upcoming events (4+)

Get UnstUck with Coaching. Private intimate. Free but high value session.

Over the phone or wechat voice

We help professionals that are unfulfilled with where their life is going when they are at the critical or perhaps scary turning points in their life.
Common thread, you are unsatisfied, want more, need big change. Often lacking the support or resources to make it happen.
The signs are procrastination, mild depression, self sabotage, and a big lack of clarity. We help you change.

This session is a 1 to 1 private virtual session for you.
To begin, you can talk discreetly about your wants, needs and questions. From there you will be guided through some simple questions than to your complementary One to One private session.
Here we will lead a conversation to clarify 'Whats really important to YOU'. This conversation alone is very valuable. It's amazing how much people like just this part. Then we will find out whats stopping you from having it. Then depending on time we may get to speak about some solutions or ways forward. You may get time to talk about EQ Emotional Intelligence, SQ Social Intelligence, LQ Leadership Intelligence.

ALL Sessions are:
Via Skype/Whatsapp/Wechat/Zoom
1 to 1, private & confidential
Complementary (Cost is $0) for the first 2 who book via https://calendly.com/adriancahill/emotionaldetox
If the places are taken, additional spaces are available for $250USD.

This is strictly for new clients that haven't worked with us before.

Who's hosting?
Adrian (Lead Coach - PCC) & Darko (Apprentice Coach and Organiser)

Qualifications? Safety?
Lead Coach, Adrian Cahill is highly qualified and experienced in Coaching and Training. http://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancahill
Wechat/Skype: Adriannqld

Ensure you book via https://calendly.com/adriancahill/emotionaldetox
Alternatively message or email: [masked]

Cost: Free for the first 2 who book.
Sponsored by www.adriancahill.com

GET Motivated - FREE NLP Session

Online event

We’ve all faced days at work where we’re just not feeling motivated. Off days happen to everyone and it’s unrealistic to just do your best all the time. There are bound to be times when you procrastinate too much, lack focus, or struggle to start important projects. But if your low on motivation, it's probably costing you much more than you realise. It lowers your sense of satisfaction. It can lead us to eating comfort food and making excuses to not get fit or pursue the life we really want for ourselves.

There are solutions and I garuntee, you haven't tried them all! Chances are, you've tried the ones you know about, and that means there are more ways and the successful ways are just around a 'new corner'. Not around an old corner.

And I wonder if you can enjoy the following experience: You spend a little time out of the daily grind. You connect with me or my college and discuss what you really want leading you to take new actions.

Maybe you can find whats holding you back and with a little tweak you have new drive and motivation. You start finding the energy (without needing coffee) to tackle whats holding you back and find it's actually much EASIER THAN YOU THOUGHT. Hmmm. AND YOU MAKE PROGRESS. You take action and BOOM. Something happens. You FEEL THE ENERGY MOVING from your head down to your fingers and down to your feet. ENERGY TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN NOW.

And as easy as that. Because most people only do what they know, and what you know isn't working so it's time to turn around a new corner and do something different with someone new. RSVP here, and connect and discuss. We've worked with hundreds of Expatriates around Asia. There are things you haven't tried yet, and having a call with us is actually pretty cool. So don't waste another day.

After you RSVP, I will contact you so we can schedule free session

Looking forward to connect with you

What can Coaching/NLP/Consulting do for you?

Over the phone or wechat voice

Early 2014 there was pretty much nothing on Meetup about coaching. Now your probably hearing about it. Sorry for that. You see this coaching thing is popular. It can be really cool. And it's something that may be right for you. And it may not be right for you too.
Every Coach is different. Qualifications may vary, but is it worth checking out?
Many people say it is.
But maybe it's not right for you.
One way to find out for sure.
BOOK HERE: www.calendly.com/adriancahill/share-sessions

Note, openings are limited we now do these over the phone or Wechat voice. It offers more flexibility and ease to participate.

Who is the lead facilitator:
Adrian is a Human Behavior and Relationships Specialist. He is very passionate about helping people gain a sense of well being, confidence, connection, significance and the space to grow in their own unique way. Often using, but not limited to the core skills of Life Coaching, Executive Coaching and NLP.


BOOK HERE: www.calendly.com/adriancahill/share-sessions

Sponsored by www.adriancahill.com

ICF NLP Coach & NLP Business Practitioner Introductory Call

Needs a location

Gday, Adrian here. I wanted to share this unique training opportunity with you all.

Have you ever aspired to become an empowered and influential social figure with a deep understanding of how to help other people find meaning, direction and fulfil their fullest potential in life?

We have delivered running an ICF accredited NLP COACH & NLP FOR BUSINESS COURSE in Bali, currently we are running ICF accredited NLP Coach ONLINE TRAINING and we are planing to start ONLINE NLP Practitioner Training.

Have you ever wanted to learn the Transformational Life Coaching or NLP Coaching processes that evoke rapid change? Or perhaps become a highly-skilled, certified Coach.

Today, anyone can buy a certification online for as little as $19.95 however almost anyone with time in the industry knows that the golden standard is ICF International Coaching Federation approved courses. These courses often sell from ¥40,000, a long way from $19.95 which makes a clear difference between those that have 'skin in the game' or commitment. And those just giving it a crack.

We have fully revised what is commonly taught in both ICF & non-ICF courses and have a brand new way to approach coaching and coach training. We have come up with a new course with a very new form of delivery. Rather than 1 teacher, we have team of experienced coaches and trainers. Including highly regarded ICF, NLP, Hypnosis experts from 5 different nations coming together for 9 days of total IMMERSION, outrageous fun and UNFORGETTABLE learning experiences.

This is not for those wanting a quick fix. Not for those wanting a $19.95 certification. Not for any kind of get rich quick wannabees. We are holding webinars to share more details with you!

Thank you

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